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NEWSLETTER APRIL 2024: Are Your Organization’s Communications FCC-Compliant?

NEWSLETTER APRIL 2024:  Are Your Organization’s Communications FCC-Compliant?

Did you know  the FCC has adopted rules implementing two federal laws that strengthen  emergency calling: Kari’s Law and Section 506 of RAY BAUM’S Act.  Together, these laws will require multi-line telephone system (MLTS)  providers and operators to streamline emergency calling and response by  providing:

  • Direct Dialing of 911

  • 911 Call Notification to centralized locations

  • Dispatchable Location for MLTS

For more information about both laws, be sure to review the FCC’s public fact sheet as well as NEC’s helpful guide.

How Can Clarktel Help?

NEC’s cloud-based UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT solution meet’s Kari’s Law requirements by providing direct dialing of 911, and  configurable Call Notification via email and SMS text messages.
CONNECT  also supports the fixed devices dispatchable location requirements for  RAY BAUM’s ACT by providing the ability to specify 911 Location Details  when configuring e911 information for a number or device. For users of  non-fixed devices (CONNECT Mobile and Desktop apps), full e911  information including dispatchable location details are supported for  each installed application.

Additionally,  each of the following UNIVERGE communications platforms, paired with  the right voice service and configuration, can be compliant with both  laws:
•    UNIVERGE SL2100
•    UNIVERGE SV9100
•    UNIVERGE SV9300
•    UNIVERGE SV9500

How Do I Know If My Current Solution Is Compliant?

If  you do not currently deploy one of the solutions listed above – or if  your solution does not currently support SIP trunks – then it is highly  likely you are NOT in compliance with both laws. Not to worry  though! As your dedicated partner, Clarktel is committed to ensuring  that your solution fully complies with these regulations. In addition to  avoiding potential legal liability, you’ll get the peace of mind that  comes with providing a safe environment for your organization’s  employees, customers, and visitors.

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NEC's Compliance Information - Website

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Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Your Employees

Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Your Employees
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Resources for Security Awareness Training

Like most  companies, you’ve likely protected your business with properly  maintained firewalls, updated anti-virus software, secured VPN  connections, 2-factor authentication and spam-reduction tools.  Most companies have adopted those same cyber protections and yet we still read about multiple high profile data breaches and ransomware attacks every week in the news.  Why?

In a sample of 9.5 million email users, an average of 32.4% fall for phishing email.

Even with the best cyber protection strategies in place, all it takes is one fake email, opened attachment or clicked link to bypass all of your cybersecurity protections.

Unfortunately, this problem can’t be fixed with more hardware and software protection; this problem requires changing the basic human behavior of your employees.

That's why  Clarktel has partnered with Cybersecurity experts, Edge Communications  and KnowBe4, to bring to you the world’s most popular integrated  Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing platform.  This service:

  • Reduces malware and ransomware infections

  • Reduces Data Loss

  • Reduces Potential Cyber-theft

  • Makes Security Top of Mind for your Employees

How does it work?

  1. Your staff will be tested with simulated phishing emails from our team.Likely 32.4% of the time your staff will incorrectly click on these.

  2. Next, your staff is enrolled into our Security Awareness Training program that both teaches them how to avoid cyber criminal actions and to adopt a security-focused mindset.

  3. The simulated phishing testing continues

  4. Results are analyzed

  5. Staff that continue to make errors are re-enrolled into training and retested

Within 6 months your phishing error rates should drop into the single digits.

An independent case study of the benefit of this service revealed a 276% ROI and a less than three-month payback.

Many clients who enroll in this training end up qualifying for a reduction in their insurance premiums.

Is it time to up your cybersecurity game?

Call us today to learn more: 330.869.8657 |



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