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The impact of a tight labor market, rising material costs and supply chain risks have challenged all manufactures over the last couple of years.  In the face of rising input costs and tightening margins you’re likely navigating the best ways to save

money AND ensure your business remains efficient and productive. 






Cloud Business Phone System: Univerge Blue

Evaluating your current business communications solutions may not be top of mind, but it could be one of the quickest ways for your business to achieve improved employee productivity while reducing expenses. 

If you have multiple bills and vendors for phone lines, chat, video conferencing, file sharing, and on-prem phone hardware, you are likely missing out on the savings and efficiencies you could get from an all-in-one business cloud communications platform:

  • One integrated platform that includes all of your collaboration and communications needs, including an enterprise-grade phone system, advanced call handling, one-on-one and team chat, integrated SMS, file sharing, and video conferencing

  • One predictable, monthly, per user fee that is typically far less than on-prem systems

  • Month-to-month contracts with the flexibility to add or remove users at any time

Now is the time to transition from the hidden expenses of redundant and obsolete business phone systems and discover why cloud communications can save you money while delivering greater benefits to you, your employees, and your customers.

To find out how UNIVERGE BLUE CLOUD SERVICES can make your business more efficient, productive, and mobile, contact us today.

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Protect your Facility with Professionally Installed Video Security Technology from Alibi.

  • Keep a 24/7 watch on all areas of your facility

  • Prevent break-ins and vandalism

  • Prevent theft of both raw materials and finished products

  • Establish liability protection for injury claims

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