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Front Desk Assistant

In today’s security conscious environment, most businesses will track and monitor visitors and even keep a record of their time spent on the premises. Wouldn’t it be great if all of this was automated and your receptionist could get rid of those paper sign-in logs and visitors could wear personalized badges? With NEC’s Front Desk Assistant application for Android™-based tablets – you can!  NEC re-invented the office phone by integrating the traditional desktop telephone and tablet into one innovative, feature-packed device – the UT880. Now, with the Front Desk Assistant, this application takes the UT880 to a whole new level. It integrates NEC’s market-leading facial recognition technology with Unified Communications for a streamlined visitor check-in/out workflow process. It automates visitor management from check-in to check-out.  What can it do

  • Automates visitor management from check-in to check-out

  • Transforms the visitor experience – intuitive, easy-to-use interface

  • Speeds up check-in/out with NEC facial recognition for returning visitors 

  • Generates customized visitor badges with company Logo

  • Notifies employees when their guests have arrived

  • Creates detailed visitor reports that includes pictures

  • Includes a customizable Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) screen with signature pad for companies that require confidentially of its visitors 

  • Improves receptionist’s efficiency 

  • Available from Google Play® for Android tablets

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Have you had your account review this year? If not, please understand we are reaching out to all of our customers for a quick account review so that we may verify all of the information is correct in our database. We assure you this will not take up much of your time but is important for us to reach the correct contacts within your organization. We’ll also confirm that your account is setup with the maintenance program you prefer. Thank you in advance for your cooperation! 

Notable August Dates

  • U.S Coast Guard Day- 4th of August

  • Full moon - 11th of August

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