March Newsletter

Updated: Apr 23, 2018

A Smarter Telephone - UT880 Desktop Telephone

Technology is evolving at a faster pace than ever before. To keep up, desktop telephones need to evolve to meet the ever-changing communication demands of today’s workforce.

NEC brings you the obvious next step in desktop phone development. The newUT880 desktop telephone re-invents the office phone by integrating the traditional desktop telephone and tablet into one innovative, feature-packed device. The UT880—revolutionizes your desktop experience.

The fear of being left behind is now behind you. With the UT880, hardware upgrade is a thing of the past. Simple software updates are all that is required to keep your desktop phone

current. Your investment is protected, with no need to replace equipment. With NEC developed UC applications, UT880 desktop telephone users get the power and capabilities of their favorite NEC phones and technology.

Some of the features includes built-in Bluetooth, wideband headset and speakerphone for conference calls, a high definition built-in camera, multiline client and touch screen capabilities.

Click for more information about theUT880 desktop telephone.

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Day Light Savings 11th of March (Clock Forward): In the past, many of our customers have found it difficult to change the time on their telephone systems. Although the newer models updates automatically, Clarktel’s Customer service department has created a webpage titled product user guides. The guides include simple directions to update the time on your machines.PRODUCT USER GUIDE!!

Notable Dates March

  • National Safety week March 4th

  • International Women’s day March 8th

  • St Patrick’s day March 17th

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