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In today’s business environment, organizations must take advantage of the latest communications technologies to streamline their processes, enhance staff productivity and improve customer service. NEC’s UNIVERGE SV9100 Contact Center helps accomplish these goals by handling high call volume with a minimum number of resources.The SV9100 Contact Center offers:

  • Reduction in caller hold time and distributes call volume evenly among employees

  • Callers the option of either immediately leaving a message for agent callback or holding for an agent > Call queue announcements that encourage them to remain on the line

  • Customers the choice that best fits their needs, reduces lost calls and helps optimize staffing AND MORE

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The Faith of Airport Customers Service Isn't Terminal

Today’s air travel is marred by long lines, time-consuming security checks, and constant stress. Travelers are queued up at the check-in counter, at the self-service kiosk, when they drop off their bags, when they navigate the  TSA screening lines and when they board the plane .

However, these necessary security checks waste precious passenger time and impact an airport’s bottom lines. With NEC’s Advanced Recognition Systems , a simple scan of your face becomes a single, unified biometric key that unlocks an enjoyable experience that is:

o Safe & Secure

o Seamless & Friction-less

o Engaging & Personalized

Notable May Dates

  • National Teachers Day - 8th of May

  • Mothers Day -13th of May

  • Armed Forces Day -19th of May

  • Memorial Day - 28th of May


Our goal is always to provide our very best product so that our customers are happy. It’s also our goal to continue improving. That’s why we value your feedback.

We would love to hear from you. Feel free to respond to this email so we can learn about any comments or concerns you have. We also want to connect with you online. If you feel we’ve provided great value or would like to leave us feedback, please do so onGoogle , Facebook and Better Business Bureau .

Thank you so much for taking the time to provide us feedback and review. This feedback is appreciated and very helpful to us.

Account Review: Have you had your account review this year? If not, please understand we are reaching out to all of our customers for a quick account review so that we may verify all of our information is correct in our database. We assure you this will not take up much of your time, but is important for us to reach the correct people within your organization. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Notable April Dates

  • Income Taxes due -17th of April

  • Earth Day- 22nd of April

  • Administrative Professional Day -25th of April

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