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Service Provider for Multiple Carriers

Are you frustrated with high communication bill charges? Don't worry. Our professionals will review your current services and offer innovative solutions that will help you save money and increase productivity.

Enjoy Cost-Effective Broadband Services


Clarktel Telecommunications offers you more than just bandwidth. Our experts also provide a wide range of ground-support services.

  • Local & Long-Distance Calls

  • Internet

  • Wide Area Networks

  • T1 / PRI / MPLS

We are the provider for many carriers in Northeast Ohio.

Family Using a Tablet Running Off of Broadband Internet
Company Evaluating Data Carrier Options

You Can Count On Us for Assistance


You will get analysis, sales, and support for local, long-distance, internet, VoIP, and data services. These services and solutions include T1, PRI, MPLS, data circuits, VoIP, and more. We will help you get the required support and services from the carriers. When you get the information about all the services, an informed decision can be taken by you. You will get impartial advice, because we are not owned by telecom providers; we do not show any bias.

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