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Are you Interested in an internship with challenging projects, high visibility, professional development, and fun?  Participating in technology internships with Clarktel can be an incredibly exciting and rewarding experience. Not only will you have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology and gain hands-on experience in the field, but you will also have the chance to learn from experienced professionals and receive valuable mentorship. The skills you will develop during your internship with Clarktel are invaluable, and can help you advance your career in the technology industry. Whether you are interested in telephony, premise security, networking, cybersecurity or back office skills like marketing, Clarktel offers a wide range of internship opportunities that can help you gain the skills and experience you need to succeed in your chosen field. Overall, participating in a technology internship with Clarktel can be an excellent way to jumpstart your career and gain the experience and knowledge you need to succeed in the technology industry.


Clarktel’s multi-career track internship program supports our organization by attracting talented students to develop them into future key contributors and leaders. It’s unique with one-on-one mentorship, developmental feedback and practical coaching in your chosen technology or trade, focused on technical knowledge and delivery, service and leadership.  You’ll work closely with experts in your trade to develop your skills and gain valuable insight in your chosen career field. Additionally, you will have exposure to all leadership levels within Clarktel.  Clarktel is seeking College and Technical Trade Students to apply for participation in one of our 6-month long internship programs.

Clarktel offers a 6 months internship that will expose you to meaningful work, applied skills and foundational experiences you’ll draw upon during your broader career.  You’ll be a part of a diverse, collaborative team environment; yet experience your own personal and individual growth. Our interns expand their skills and abilities and deliver technical and customer experience excellence; which is why we often hire them post-graduation.  This program is part of Clarktel’s efforts to increase diversity and equity in all aspects of our business operations, including hiring, promotions, and opportunities for career growth.  In our effort to expand opportunities for underrepresented constituents in our local community, we’re connecting with local educational institutions, committed to diversity and inclusion efforts, to offer this intern-based learning program.


Please send an email to ; include your name, email, phone number, how you learned of this opportunity and your resume

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