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Structured Cabling

You may face numerous network problems due to poorly terminated copper and fiber. These can be difficult to track down and will ultimately result in increased deployment and maintenance costs. Choose ClarkTel to avoid these headaches and expenses. Contact us to know more.

Cable Network Design and Implementation

The lifeline of your organization is information, which is exactly why proper network structured cabling is so vital. It forms the backbone of any teledata communication system, including voice and data cabling. Astonishingly, nearly 80% of service repair requests can be traced back to substandard design and improper cabling implementations. We offer comprehensive solutions encompassing analysis, sales, and support for a range of services including local, long-distance, internet, VoIP, and data. Reach out to us for cost-effective solutions in local, long-distance, and internet services.

Teledata Network Wiring
Network Hub and Cable

Data Network Cabling Repair Services and Solutions

End-to-end network wiring services and cabling solutions:

•  Voice and Data Cabling

•  WAN Fiber Cabling

•  LAN Fiber Cabling  

•  Coax Cabling  

•  Twisted Pair Cabling

•  Fiber Splicing  

You will get end-to-end services and solutions that include T1, PRI, MPLS, data circuits, VoIP, and more.

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