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NEWSLETTER JULY 2023: Honeywell’s ProSeries Wireless Security for Your Small Business.

NEWSLETTER JULY 2023: Honeywell’s ProSeries Wireless Security for Your Small Business.

Just because business owners are out of the office doesn’t mean they have to be out of the loop. 

When you put Honeywell’s ProSeries and Total Connect Remote Services to work, you’ll have the critical information you need to help manage your businesses, employees, and even the unexpected.

ProSeries connects your entire business, with dedicated touch-screen panels, a mobile app and even built-in Amazon Alexa that  allows you to control security settings, raise your office temperature  and much more. Automatic unlock/disarm when you’re away from the office,  the Total Connect app ensures you stay in touch with your secured office.

Wherever life takes you away from the office, you still can:

  • Keep an eye on employees via live, look-in video

  • Observe consumer shopping habits and activity

  • Protect inventory, avoid  business disruption, and create a safer working environment with alerts  for floods, leaks, and extreme temperatures

  • Know exactly when their business opens and closes

  • Receive an alert when someone enters a hazardous or restricted area

  • Control multiple sites from the same account – great for franchises and businesses with more than one location

  • Control Wi-Fi or Z-Wave enabled locks

  • Operate Z-Wave lights, shades, water valves, ceiling fans, and more

ProSeries products  are a professional, next-generation security platform for small  business installations. With a modular design and seamless hardware and  software, ProSeries offers an  efficient, customized installation and a great user experience. It also  features proven advanced smart capabilities and technologies that keep  you on the cutting edge of security advances.

Are you ready to lean more? Call us: 330.869.8657

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ProSeries Resedio Flyer - PDF

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Clarktel Offers Complementary Business Technology Services, All Under One Roof!

Clarktel Offers Complementary Business Technology Services, All Under One Roof!
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Clarktel Services Portfolio - PDF

You know us,  our partnership, industry knowledge and service delivery history; but  are you getting to most out of your relationship with us?

We're thankful  that clients, like you, trust us to deliver one or two of your core  business technology solutions. But so often our clients remain unaware  that we also offer so many other complimentary business solutions that  your business likely needs or uses today.

Do you use cloud-based video team meeting services or shared file storage for collaboration?

If you do, you're probably paying for it with different monthly bills.  We can make it easier for you with UNIVERGE BLUE. UNIVERGE BLUE MEET offers video team meeting services (that are just as good as those  other guys), cloud-based file storage with collaboration and versioning  (similar to the "Drive" product over at Google) and best-in-class  business phone service that allows you to work from anywhere, on any  device.  All three are bundled as part of one monthly business phone  subscription to UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT.

How about  Access Control or CCTV services, do you use any of these?

We deliver  those, too; and ours gives you command and control, including live  video, from anywhere!  That's especially handy on those Northeast Ohio  snow days.

It's time to explore all that Clarktel can deliver!

Our team of  experienced professionals are dedicated to helping you with all of your  business technology needs; not just the one or two you receive from us  today.  

Whether in the cloud or your local IT closet, Clarktel delivers all of today's best-in-class business solutions.

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