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Preventative Maintenance (Premise PBX)


NEWSLETTER SEPTEMBER 2023: Six Ways Preventive Maintenance Aids in Decreasing Unforeseen Downtime

NEWSLETTER SEPTEMBER 2023: Six Ways Preventive Maintenance Aids in Decreasing Unforeseen Downtime

While it may seem like taking your equipment down for maintenance may drain your budget more than if you kept it running, think again. The cost of unplanned downtime in lost revenue, client reputation or employee productivity is more costly than you think. It’s widely estimated that the cost of downtime on a small business can range between $137 and $427 per minute of outage.

What are the highlights of the six ways Preventative Maintenance (PM) aids in decreasing unforeseen downtime?

  • Keeping your phone system in working order

  • Stop problems before they become disasters

  • Make better decisions with clear data

  • Gain visibility into performance issues

  • Improve Operational Success

  • Reduce Costs

You can learn more about these in detail with this PDF.  Download here

Preventative Maintenance with Clarktel involves  an on-site 14-point inspection by one of our system engineers where we:

  • physically inspect the phone systems,

  • apply new security patches and software updates,

  • undertake any needed repairs,

  • perform minor moves and changes (like name or extension changes),

  • replace system batteries and

  • backup your database

You can learn more about these and other included services with this flyer.  Download Here

Call us today to schedule your annual Preventative Maintenance Service!

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Resources for Preventative Maintenance:

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Preventative Maintenance Flyer PDF - LINK

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Create Greater Peace-Of-Mind With Security Solutions

Create Greater Peace-Of-Mind With Security Solutions
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Resources for Security Solutions

Proper security instills peace-of-mind among business owners and employees; creating a sense of safety and security in the workplace. This, in-turn, can enhance productivity and employee morale, as individuals feel more comfortable and confident in their working environment.

Many business owners think their business is immune to financially devastating robberies and security breaches until it happens to them. Even minor theft can cause financial strain or hardship, so good security cameras are essential.

Adding Security Cameras to your business helps with:

  • Getting lower insurance premiums

  • Lower Probability of Loss

  • Property Loss Mitigation

  • Mitigation of Financial Loss

  • Prompt Response to Incidents

How to choose the best video camera for your business?

When considering the best security camera options for your small business, ask yourself these questions:

  • What’s my business’ budget for a security system?

  • Do we want an outdoor security camera, an indoor security camera, or both?

  • What’s this camera’s video quality? Is it a high-definition camera with high resolution?

  • Does this camera include features like two-way audio or facial recognition? Do we need advanced features like these?

  • Does this security system have a mobile app? Can I view footage on my mobile device if I receive an alert about a potential break-in?

  • How much file storage does this camera or security system have?

  • Does a motion sensor activate the camera, or does it always record?

  • Are the cameras wireless?

  • Can the camera or surveillance system connect to my business’s Wi-Fi network?

Call us today to find answers those questions and customized a security solution that's right for you!  330.869.8657 |

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