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What might your company accomplish with a sophisticated Generative AI tool, like a ChatGPT, embedded within the heart of your organization’s communication system?

What might your company accomplish with a sophisticated Generative AI tool, like a ChatGPT, embedded within the heart of your organization’s communication system?

I have a few ideas: Streamlined Operations, Enhanced Productivity, Enhanced Customer Interactions with self-generating emails and chats, Better Customer Recognition, Time-Saving Transcriptions and a Rapid Expansion of Your Knowledge via A.I.

Now, after I got you thinking about it, I bet you have a few thoughts of your own!

I’m Terry Clark and I’m a technologist and the owner of Clarktel Telecommunications, Inc., a company local to Akron and Summit County. I help small businesses figure out how to get the most from their technology investments. Most days, that’s centered on voice, video meeting, access control or security system technologies; but today, I’m talking Generative AI.

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses are increasingly recognizing the potential of new technologies, whether it be cloud-based computing and phones or Generative AI, like ChatGPT, to revolutionize their operations. There is a great buzz around AI, but smart business leaders know: the journey to effectively integrate any new technology is fraught with challenges. One significant hurdle is the complexity of choosing the right technology platform and partner. This is an important decision because, if your business can benefit from this bleeding-edge tech, as most can, choosing the right level of AI integration between key business systems can significantly impact a business's ability to innovate and stay competitive. As most have learn from the past, implementing half-measures in business technology deployment often don’t work, because: if it’s disconnected from other core business systems, will your employees even take the time to use it?

That’s why I’m highlighting NEC and their sophisticated Generative AI tool, called UNIVERGE BLUE PULSE. With PLUSE, NEC has embedded Generative AI within the heart of their cloud-based business communications system. No guess work. No getting it wrong. No missing out. Just easy!

Clarktel’s been an NEC partner for 4 decades; and it’s rare that transformative technologies like Generative AI come along to disrupt and transform the way we work. With UNIVERGE BLUE CLOUD SERVICES, NEC and Clarktel, are taking the planning, thought and risk out of navigating Generative AI for your business with a turn-key, scalable, cloud-based, work-from-anywhere communications and collaboration platform. This approach eliminates concerns around the ease of Generative AI User Adoption, because the AI is baked directly into systems you already use today: business phone, video, chat, and even available contact center capabilities. No need to figure it out: the AI is already there and ready to help!

UNIVERGE BLUE works for any business sized from 1 to 100+ employees. Beyond voice, chat and video meeting features, it’s integrated cloud-based file sharing and collaboration allows you and your team to engage customers, collaborate with co-workers, and leverage Generative AI to get things done quicker and better than imagined; independent of where you’re working today: desk phone, laptop or smart phone.

But, why trust NEC with business communications and Generative AI? Dating back to 2014, and nearly every year thereafter, NEC has held the top spot as worldwide leader in SMB premise-based Business Phone Systems. But premise-based phones were just the start! NEC launched UNIVERGE BLUE, their cloud-based business communication and collaboration platform which, to date, has 85 million global communication users.

Here are some ways I think UNIVERGE BLUE PULSE Artificial Intelligence will help your business:

  • Immediate AI Integration: Start using AI to enhance productivity      and customer service instantly.

  • Enhanced Customer Interactions:PULSE AI improves customer interactions with personalized and context-aware communication.

  • Customer Communication That Writes Itself: With PULSE AI, you describe the issue context and type of customer response you need, and AI creates for you the text for emails and chats.

  • Streamlined Operations: The AI feature streamlines operations by automating routine tasks, allowing staff to focus on more complex and value-added activities with quicker insights into client needs.

  • Enhanced Productivity: Reduce time spent on      documenting customer interactions with AI transcriptions.

  • Improved Customer Experience: Gain insights into customer      calls with AI Interaction Summary and Sentiment Analysis.

  • Efficient Call Monitoring: Quickly identify key calls for      review with objective summaries.

  • Time-Saving Transcriptions: Minimize time spent on      listening to call recordings.

  • Privacy and Security: Ensures sensitive information      in transcriptions is protected.

  • Flexible Pricing: AI features included in some      plans; nominal fees for additional services.

Generative AI aside, UNIVERGE BLUE’s communication and collaboration features alone make it a great choice for any business. UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT offers a unified communication solution, merging telephone services, instant messaging, video communication, screen sharing, document management, and conference calling into a single, streamlined platform. This cloud-based service is designed to be adjustable and scalable to fit your business's size, needs, and workflows. You can find out more by going to Clarktel’s website at or by call me at 330.869.8657

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