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Facial Recognition Advantages for Your Workspace

Like several other evolving technologies, facial recognition has come in leaps and bounds since the global pandemic. Biometric solutions are now more popular than ever, given the renewed consciousness in reducing physical contact in the workspace.

Globally, employers seek contactless means for workers to calculate payroll and monitor attendance. While some solutions aren’t as efficient, facial recognition is a step higher than others due to its overwhelming efficiency and flexibility.

Are you still skeptical?

Allow us to make some convincing cases for facial recognition technology in your workspace:

Prevents buddy punching

Facial recognition software can help monitor staff attendance and clock in and out times by removing employees' ability to buddy punch.

Buddy punching is one of the most common forms of employee time theft and occurs when workers tamper with attendance protocols by clocking in and out of workspaces for their colleagues. This makes it difficult for employers and human resource professionals to track punctuality and productivity efficiently.

Facial recognition solutions can help with staff attendance and timing and compel your staff to put in their due hours in the knowledge that there’s no way to cheat the system.

Ease of use

As far as workspace technologies go, facial recognition solutions are one of the easiest to use.

Several alternative solutions may be hard to use, difficult to maintain, and require mid-to-high level onboarding sessions to ensure that employees use them effectively.

However, facial recognition technology trumps these. All that’s required is that you have all your employees take an initial selfie, images of which are subsequently uploaded to the database.

After that, the technology takes effect, and using it is as simple as doing a facial scan. The system typically verifies the match after a few seconds, there’s little or no delay, and your employees can quickly get on with their tasks.

Improved workspace security

This is undoubtedly one of the essential advantages of facial recognition technology in your workspace. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is crucial in verifying identity, serving as an additional security layer.

As a biometric solution, facial recognition is as unique as thumbprinting and guarantees the safety of your workspace from incursion by unauthorized persons.

In addition, you have a record of everyone in the workspace and have the option of limiting access to certain quarters to specific, qualified personnel.

Overall, you’ll have a much-improved workspace, security-wise.

Integration with payroll systems

With facial recognition technology, your personnel management system becomes doubly efficient as it can be integrated with the payroll systems.

The systems are highly customizable and modular, with the ability to integrate with data variables like date formats, time-in, and time-out. As a result, you can organize payroll-relevant information much quicker.

Saves time

Facial recognition technology can help you to save a lot of time in the workspace by doing away with several needless processes that eat into employee and work productivity.

Manual processes are often laborious and time-consuming and are highly inefficient, without even considering the margin for unfortunate human error.

With facial recognition technology, your processes become time-efficient and more precise.

Now that you’re convinced, contact Clarktel Telecommunications to install facial recognition system and other relevant solutions in your workspace. Get a free consultation now.


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