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Tips for Managing Technological Innovation and Adoption in Your Business

As you incorporate the latest telecommunications innovations into your business, it’s essential to manage the integration process with your employees properly. Although the younger generation tends to be more tech-savvy, you should remember that most of the senior positions in your company are probably occupied by older individuals aged fifty and above.

That’s why it’s important to carry all your employees along and ensure that they not only know how to use these solutions but also understand how the solutions will help their work and the business as a whole. Here are some tips to help you manage technological changes across your business:

Communicate effectively

Communicating effectively can help get your employees on board with the new solutions. By “effective communication,” we don’t mean a situation where you gather everyone into a large boardroom and make announcements. Rather, effective communication is often personal and continuous, meaning you have to talk everyone through the process without leaving out any details.

Build a team

More than you realize, setting up a technology change management team can help ease the transition burden and speed up adoption across all units. Select team members based on special leadership skills, communication, empathy, and understanding of the need for change. Spread the responsibilities so that all units and departments are engaged, in sync, and productive. Also, ensure the team is multigenerational, as younger and older employees react differently to the technology.

Carry out effective training

Effective training can quickly help your employees get familiar with your proposed solutions and speed up adoption across all levels. However, you shouldn’t leave your employees to the mercy of third-party trainers.

Instead, you can help to bridge the gap between the external trainers and your staff, sharing ideas and forwarding unique concerns to help your employees better grasp the concepts. Consider having someone on hand for the first few days of the training to provide in-training guidance and support to keep your employees perpetually on track.

Plan for resistance

The chances are that technological change will not come without some form of resistance, so it’s essential to anticipate this. In addition to regular training, incorporate a knowledge base, training videos, and an online help manual. Also, you may reward early adopters by offering incentives like company perks and swag.

You should never expect adoption to be a one-time thing. Rather, treat it as ongoing and encourage your employees to participate in discussions as often as possible.

Ensure continuous improvement

No technological innovation is static. As such, information and feedback from early adoption and training discussions should be a tool for improving the mode of operation and the use of the technological solutions themselves. As change implementation goes on, you can also communicate the value of the upgrades and improvements to your employees and customers.

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To stay competitive in today’s business climate, adopting telecommunications solutions is no longer an option but a necessity. At ClarkTel Telecommunications, we are committed to making the journey smooth. Aside from providing innovative business solutions, we offer specialized technical support to help your employees adopt them faster and seamlessly. To learn more about how our technological solutions can help your business move forward, get a free consultation today.


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