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Telecommunications for Startup Businesses

The immediate aim of any startup business is to scale from the very beginning. No matter the niche a startup finds itself in, it needs to grow and reach wider audiences.

As one of the biggest facets of globalization, telecommunications has helped to open up different parts of the world to each other. The ability to communicate and initiate transactions remotely and anonymously is one of the main drivers of growth and revenue for startups.

As businesses grow and expand in reach using the latest telecommunications innovation, telecoms themselves grow and stretch their boundaries. The birth of innovative competition in this field is directly linked with the rise of startups. Therefore this article will highlight some basic Telecomms solutions essential for adoption by any startup business:

Access to Internet

Every startup needs good internet connectivity. More than a decade ago, businesses saw internet access as luxuries. It was difficult for startups to achieve record revenue growth. Today, startups without adequate, far-reaching internet connectivity are bound to fail or remain limited.

If you have a medium-sized or startup business, the best way to access the internet is through very good broadband. With a few employees, basic administration operations can be carried out seamlessly, with the added interconnectivity of employees, i.e., real-time communication.

Broadband is the industry standard in internet telecommunications, and a large amount of it is needed to transmit large amounts of data in real-time. Large companies need better internet access, standards that conform with the best fiber optics engineering.

Web-Hosting Services

If you have eCommerce and inventory management software, you want to make sure that all of your data is stored on the safest cloud, with advanced web-hosting services. Now that everyone searches for businesses online, startups look to putting themselves out to the global market, with the least means being social media.

Good web hosting services ensure that you are always online, reachable, and secure on the World Wide Web. In addition, web hosting provides you with safe space on the cloud to backup your site, even across multiple servers.

Data Backup

When setting up websites, many startups are hardly ever inclined to backup data on a secondary server. In fact, studies have shown that less than half of businesses back up their data continuously.

For startups that rely on integrations with inventory, PO, shipping, and other relevant data, it could mean bankruptcy if the company were to lose all its data in one fell hacker swoop.

Backing up your software or website on multiple servers serves as an added layer of protection for your business.

Extensive Email Service

When potential clients click on your website, they can be inclined to place orders or quest you for additional information. The means to glean this customer feedback can help you to create excellent CRM techniques for your business.

The answer to this is email services, with modern telecommunications offering an array of solutions with dedicated email servers to help startups achieve profitability in the shortest possible time.

Clarktel Telecommunications is an all-in-one telecoms solution provider guaranteed to connect you seamlessly with customers and clients throughout. Contact us today.

Business Telecommunications
telecommunicatin serice provider

NEC Sv9000

From IT staff to any office worker, these powerful solutions provide communication tools that can be tailored to individual roles.

business telecommunications

Clarktel Hosted

Our Small Business Solutions (SBS) offer quality, leading-edge features. It saves costs and helps your business succeed. 

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Security Solutions

Clarktel Telecommunications' products are proven and effective, and they can easily integrate with your existing security systems. 

telecommunicatin serice provider

Maintenance Programs

Clarktel Telecommunications offers you a variety of maintenance programs that protect your investment and assist in cost saving for long-term maintenance of your phone system.

business telecommunications

Facial Recognition

Wouldn’t it be great if all of this was automated and your receptionist could get rid of those paper sign-in logs and visitors could wear personalized badges?

network cable installlation

Structured Cabling

Let Clarktel Telecommunications evaluate your existing cable infrastructure or design your new cable infrastructure. 

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