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NEWSLETTER AUGUST 2023: Work from Anywhere Business Trends

NEWSLETTER AUGUST 2023: Work from Anywhere Business Trends

Clarktel is a clear proponent of the modern WFA (Work From Anywhere) Office.  COVID provided a seismic shift in just how broad, wide and quick the adoption has been to Work From Anywhere.

Our UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT solution, highlighted below, is a turnkey, cloud-based business phone, meeting and file sharing platform that can be the backbone of any successful WFA Office.

Studies are showing that WFA is not a fad, but rather an expectation of your employees and an overall competitive advantage.  With that in mind, let's look at some interesting stats from Owl Labs' recent 2022 WFA study:

  • "The number of workers choosing to work remotely in 2022 increased 24% since 2021. And those choosing hybrid work went up 16%. Interest for in-office work, however, dropped by 24%."

  • "1 in 2 workers (52%) would take a pay cut of 5% or more to have flexibility in working location, with 23%saying they would take a pay cut of 10% or more."

  • "41% of small companies (10-50 employees) are requiring employees to return to the office compared to 27% of enterprises (10k+ employees)."

  • "If the ability to work from home was taken away, two-thirds (66%) of workers would immediately start looking for a job that offered flexibility, and would simply quit."

Do you see the problem with those trends?

More companies are feeling the pressure to get people back in the office while employees want WFA to be the norm; and they're willing to take action to keep it.

What's driving the pressure to shift employees back into the office; at least part of the time?  We think for some, it might be because those companies are not using a true WFA platform; and are opting for a mish-mosh of free video meeting services, cell phones and thumb drives for files.  It's difficult to be productive and feel connected to the team without the right tools.

WFA creates an opportunity for Bay Village Schools to attract new talent from companies with legacy office philosophies or to retain the good talent you already have today; and keep them productive with UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT.

Are you giving your employees the right Work From Anywhere tools?  If not, give us a call or email us at to get started.

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Resources for Work From Anywhere:

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Employee Training for NEC's Cloud-Based Business Phone System

Employee Training for NEC's Cloud-Based Business Phone System
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Introduction to UNIVERGE BLUE Connect Meet - VIDEO

Did you know that NEC provides a library of employee training videos and self-service KB articles on its Cloud-based business phone service?

Access to this type of training and support knowledge can really help get a new employee up to speed.

The video below highlights a quick introduction to UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT's Chat features.

The full library of training video address topics can be found here:

Not a UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT client yet?  Find out more here:

Resources for Univerge Blue Connect Employee Training

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