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Fully Integrated, Cloud-Based Unified Communications (UC) Solution

Staying Productive & Connected

UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT offers a unified communication solution, merging telephone services, instant messaging, video communication, screen sharing, document management, and conference calling into a single, streamlined platform. This cloud-based service, backed by NEC's Stress-Free Cloud Experience, is designed to be adjustable and scalable to fit your business's size, needs, and workflows. Key features include:

  • The ability to integrate mobile devices into the CONNECT phone system.

  • Augmentation of workforce flexibility thanks to the platform's accessibility from virtually anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

  • Efficiency in managing voicemail messages by transcribing them into text and email formats.

  • An integrated platform for text messaging, video conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing, and file backup, promoting productivity and collaboration.

Univerge Blue Connect Phone System & Unified Communications Solution

A Cost Effective Communication & Phone Solution

UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT operates without the need for physical phone system hardware, eliminating the need for purchasing, installation, management, upgrades, or replacement.

  • Instead of being based on the number of lines, the phone service is based on the number of users.

  • Centralizes your voice and data management.

  • Offers a clear, flat rate per user each month with no hidden or additional costs.

  • BLUE CONNECT incorporates 100+ enterprise-level call features, optimizing functionality for each user.

Your New Phone System Is Easy to Set Up, Manage, & Use

Kickstart your connection to the internet by using your existing phone number and pre-set businessphones - no need for complicated hardware.

  • Benefit from the incorporation of over 90 top-tier business features, coupled with the best-in-class call quality and uptime in the industry.

  • Manage your system and monitor call reports all from a single, user-friendly, web-based portal.

Pairs Perfectly With Microsoft Teams

NEC Univerge Blue & Microsoft Teams Integration
  • Dynamic Phone Platform: Effortlessly incorporate our top-tier cloud voice functionalities into Microsoft Teams, ensuring that your business possesses the necessary features, stability, and adaptability.

  • Advanced Capabilities: CONNECT equips your business with sophisticated features, guaranteeing your clients can interact with your organization whenever necessary and through any preferred method.

  • Tailored Integration: Operates alongside Teams or directly within the original Teams interface, enhancing your overall communication experience.

Amazing Integrations Made Even Better By Working Together

  • Incorporate communication processes seamlessly into your daily utilized tools.

  • Enhance efficiency by reducing the need to alternate between applications.

  • Infuse your productivity tools with UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT to automate corporate processes and optimize staff productivity.

  • Rapid deployment assured - straightforward integration setup accompanied by detailed instructions.

  • User-friendly with no required training.

Univerge Blue Phone System Integrations Graphic

Be More Transparent

UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT Desktop and Mobile Applications streamline communication and collaboration, whether you're in the office or on the go.

  • Initiate calls, engage in chats and texts, share documents, or kick off a video conference from any location.

  • Seamlessly switch calls between devices without worrying about disconnection.

  • Use a single phone number as the go-to contact point, enhancing the efficiency of responses.

  • Empower teams with the ability to check availability (presence) and connect with colleagues using their preferred device.

Elevate Your Enterprise with Comprehensive Unified Communications Solutions


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