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5 Telecomm Options for New Businesses

As a new business, enhancing all digital capabilities is the first step to growing. This includes all forms of digital telecommunication solutions, from your IT systems to your business security and communications systems. Here are a few telecomm solutions that can help your new business grow.

Business security systems

Your building is the physical representation of your business and is the fort from which you stretch out tentacles to gain a foothold in your niche or industry. That’s why your business security is a crucial aspect to consider and one where the right telecommunications solutions can come in handy.

Our experts can tailor business security solutions to your unique situation. After conducting initial research and understanding your precise security needs, we will install the necessary security solutions on the premises. Some of these solutions include access control systems, CCTV security systems, and alarm systems.

Business phone systems

As a new business, your priority is to open up all possible lines of communication to and within your organization. For that, you need a top-notch business phone system.

However, you should realize that having a functional phone system goes beyond mere installation. You also have to make room for preventive maintenance to ensure the telecommunication lines are perpetually up. Any downtime is sure to hurt your business, and you should strive to avoid this at all costs. With the right business system support and maintenance program, your investment will be protected, and you'll save costs in the long term.

Facial recognition software

In today’s security-conscious environment, most organizations track and keep records of the time visitors and employees spend on the premises. Manual sign-in logs are outdated, and as a new business, digital innovation should be what you strive for.

Facial recognition software can automate this verification process, with front desk assistant software to automate visitor management from check-in to check-out. Other benefits include the ability to notify employees when their guests have arrived and create detailed visitor reports that include pictures.

Structured network cabling

As a new business, your IT systems must be thoroughly optimized such that no room for faults could disrupt your operations. With reliable structured network cabling, your teledata communication system will function efficiently for your local, long-distance, internet, VoIP, and data needs.

VoIP phone systems

With VoIP systems, you can utilize the internet for voice communication and save on traditional phone line expenses. Also, VoIP solutions integrate seamlessly with productivity tools and CRM platforms, enhancing your business operations.

Although email and other forms of digital communication are prevalent in the workspace today, there's no beating the power and efficiency of voice communications.

That’s why you need a VoIP business phone system to streamline processes, increase productivity, grow your business, and compete well in the industry.

Get the telecomm solutions your new business needs to thrive

ClarkTel Telecommunications can help you leverage telecomm solutions that enable you to function optimally, so you can focus on building your brand and gaining a strong client base. Contact us today.


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