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Top-Grade Business Security Systems in Akron, OH

You don't have to choose between a security system that works and one that you can afford. Clarktel Telecommunications' products are proven and effective, and they can easily integrate with your existing security systems. They can be expanded or replicated at other locations.

Find the Right Business Security Solution

We use quality products from leading manufacturers rather than expensive custom solutions or proprietary systems that many providers offer. Though security solutions are the key, they must be customized by understanding your company's operation. Our security company starts by studying your situation - where there is an event, requirement, or challenge that is new. Once the research has been done and the needs have been understood, we can find the right technology solution for your company. 

Check Out Our Business Security Solutions:

  • Business Security Cameras

  • Remote Monitoring

  • Surveillance Technology

  • Theft Protection

  • Vandalism Prevention

  • Employee Safety

  • Liability Protection

  • And More!

Security Camera in a Hotel Lobby
Smart Alarm System

End-to-End Security Systems and Solutions

Our security company uses non-proprietary components for our security solution, which makes sure that you will always receive good service even from another service provider. This is because the components are readily available.

Check Out Our Security Solutions:

  • Alarm Systems

  • Security Cameras

  • CCTV Security Systems

  • Building Access Control Systems

  • And More!

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