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Kings iii Emergency Phone for Elevators


NEWSLETTER FEBRUARY 2024: Emergency Help Phone Solutions for Elevators

NEWSLETTER FEBRUARY 2024: Emergency Help Phone Solutions for Elevators

While  analog line (POTS copper service) elimination has been an ongoing  conversation for some time, there’s been news in the last year of  telecom giants supporting legislation that would eliminate governmental  rules that require them to offer those landline voice services.  At the  same time, those companies have steadily increased the monthly fees  associated with those services; driving user adoption to new, less  costly options.

If analog service is finally eliminated, what are the options for Emergency Voice Services, like Elevator phones?

Well, VoIP can be problematic for elevator emergency phone service because of specific code requirements including monitoring around the  clock and the ability of the monitoring party to call back into the cab  in the event of a disconnection.   So, typically, VoIP does not fit the requirements for Emergency lines.

The  team at Clarktel recommends you adopt Cellular to replace your analog  emergency lines.   We partner with Kings III Skyline Cellular Service, a leader in the Elevator emergency voice service space.

How exactly does Kings III Skyline cellular service work?

  • Skyline provides you with the monthly cellular service and monitoring.  You’ll get rid of your existing bill for the copper analog lines you have today.

  • With  elevators, we use a two-piece solution which uses a traditional ADA  compliant handsfree phone in the elevator cab and the cellular  transceiver is located outside of the concrete & steel lined shaft.

  • Traditionally  the SkyLine unit is placed in a telco room, but it can be remotely  located to other locations to achieve a better signal so long as there  is a power outlet available to plug it in.

  • Skyline  utilizes existing wiring running between the telecom room to machine  room. Then existing wiring is run from the machine room, through travel  cable, into the elevator cab.

It's an elegant solution that will check all of the required regulatory boxes!

Please  give us a call us at 330.869.8657 or email us at to  learn more about Emergency Communication Help Phone Solutions from  Clarktel and Kings III.

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VoIP and Elevators - WEBSITE

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SERVICE BULLETIN: CP10 CPUs Found in Existing SV9100 Phone System Are Now Considered End-Of-Life by NEC

SERVICE BULLETIN:  CP10 CPUs Found in Existing SV9100 Phone System Are Now Considered End-Of-Life by NEC
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If your premise phone system is a NEC SV9100, this information likely pertains to you.  Most 9100 clients have a CP10 CPU board inside of their phone system.

NEC  announced back in November 2020 that it was making the CP10 CPU  End-of-Life.  Manufacturing of new CP10 CPUs ceased in December 2023;  and going forward NEC will end maintenance and support of CP10 CPUs in  December 2025.

But, you don’t need to wait until then to make a change.  Clarktel can help you today with a seamless upgrade to the more advanced SV9100 CP20 CPU.

Why Upgrade now?

  • Enhanced Communication: Experience the power of integrated voice, chat, conferencing, and file sharing with NEC’s UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT BRIDGE.

  • Increased Safety: Ensure compliance with Ray Baum’s Act for improved emergency response.

  • Investment Protection: Transfer most of your existing licenses and hardware seamlessly.

Not Ready to Upgrade? No worries! We're offering a waiver on the Software Assurance reinstatement fee until December 31, 2024. However, keep in mind that maintenance and support for the GCD-CP10 will end on December 31, 2025.

If you're uncertain if you have the CP10 CPU, or if you’d like to learn about your options, just give us a call at 330-869-8657 to find out more.

REMINDER: UM8000 Voicemail is now End-of-Life

A number of  our clients use NEC’s UNIVERGE® UM8000 Unified Messaging system to  handle their voice mails. For those clients, this is a reminder that as  of 12/31/2023, the UM8000 has reached end-of-life (EOL) status with NEC.

NEC recommends  that you migrate your voicemail to their “InMail” voicemail solution  because, at the end of this year, NEC will cease providing any service  and maintenance for the UM8000.

If you have an  UM8000, we think it’s vital we discuss with you options on how best to  mitigate voicemail service disruption risks; even potential loss of  saved voicemails in the event of a catastrophic failure.

If you're  uncertain if you have the UM8000 or if you’d like to learn about your  options, just give us a call at 330-869-8657 to find out more.  You can  also download this PDF file detailing more key information.  Learn More Here!

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