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In the ever-evolving landscape of non-profit operations, Clarktel understands the unique and unfamiliar challenges you face. Surges in community need while fighting post-COVID donation declines.  Pressures to adopt innovative fundraising methods while navigating a hybrid work setting.

Finding novel and effective approaches to engage donors within the entirely digital landscape.  Oh, and stretching your under-funded budget. 

Summit County urgently needs our non-profit community to accomplish “the mission” in 2024!  That’s why Clarktel’s announcing the "Ignite Summit Philanthropy" initiative.  Backed by our cloud-based communication solution, Clarktel’s helping Summit County’s non-profits address their challenges to “ignite” their teams and get “the mission” done! Depending on your circumstances, this transformation can be budget neutral or even a cost savings.  To prove it, we start off with no-cost installation and free telephone sets; but that’s just the beginning!  Joining our "Ignite Summit Philanthropy” initiative helps:

1. Mobilize “The Mission”

Embrace seamless communication on the go with our cloud-based business communication solution, used by 85 million users globally.  UNIVERGE BLUE’s voice, text, group chat and conference bridges work at the office, on your mobile phone and in your home, allowing you to stay connected with your team, donors, and community wherever “the mission” takes you.

2. Boost Collaboration Efforts

Efficiently coordinate projects and campaigns with integrated video meetings, group text and cloud-based file sharing. Foster collaboration among team members, wherever there’re working, “igniting” and driving more impactful initiative outcomes. 

3. Leverage the Power of A.I. - Your Own Personal A.I. Assistant

UNIVERGE BLUE’s PULSE Artificial Intelligence feature drives “the mission” forward with:

  • Enhanced Customer Interactions: PULSE AI improves stakeholder interactions with personalized and context-aware communication.  It will even offer suggestions for how to engage with and retain donors and supporters!

  • Streamlined Operations:  The AI feature streamlines operations by automating routine tasks, allowing staff to focus on more complex and value-added activities with quicker insights into stakeholder needs.

  • Expand Your Knowledge:  PULSE AI can even provide guidance on how to navigate changes in government policies and regulations that impact non-profits.

4. Accomplish “The Mission”

By participating in just the communication arm of our "Ignite Summit Philanthropy” initiative, you can secure more donations, attract more volunteers, get more people involved in your cause, and make change in the world! 

Early Adopters receive no-cost installation and free telephone sets.

Let's work together to accomplish “the mission” with a communication strategy that will elevate and “ignite” your non-profit!

DID YOU KNOW?  The technology solution we think can transform the success of your non-profit is manufactured by NEC.  NEC has a few non-profit initiatives in place; you can read about them here.



  • Over the last several years, the expectations and behaviors of both donors and volunteers have changed drastically. The spotlight is now on having a mobile and flexible communications solution.

    • Let your donors communicate with your staff how they prefer; with options for voice, chat, SMS, email, and video

  • Traditional phone systems are not built to seamlessly support mobile capabilities, which severely inhibits collaboration between distributed staff and volunteers; as well as their ability to address urgent client issues while in the office, home or mobilized in the field.

    • Increase coordination productivity with collaboration features such as video conferencing, screen sharing, team chat, and file storage and backup

  • Cloud based communications help you maintain better contact with your high profile donors.

    • Proactively connect with donors using outreach tools to take the conversation beyond inbound (appointment reminders, donation installment reminders, etc.

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