The case to provide streaming video service to parents:

More daycare centers than ever before are offering streaming video services to parents that enable them to see their child throughout the day. Streaming video has evolved from a novelty to something demanded by today’s target consumer of childcare services.

Technology is often a differentiator for the millennial consumer; who are also the parents of the childcare enrollee of today. Not only do these parents want the transparency of these video streaming service, but they are willing to pay an added monthly fee to get them. One study purports that 73 percent of millennial consumers will pay more for products that guarantee total transparency.
At Clarktel, it is our belief that that the daycare centers who embraces this cloud technology and provides these video services to parents will gain a greater market share, more word of mouth referrals and realize increasing revenue margins.

How do our cloud services meet the customized needs of childcare facilities?

The unique needs and requirements for childcare as a business are unlike other small businesses with video monitoring, and necessitate features for timed access to spaces, privacy controls, visibility into customer viewing habits, and most importantly data security. With this solution, giving parents access is easy. You are quickly able to setup and assign unique credentials to access live or recorded video for an unlimited number of users for single or multi-site projects. But giving access to an unlimited number of parents is just a start; you also need to be able to limit what content is available for them and keep that content safely protected in the cloud.

Our service incorporates Childcare-specific features that:

  • Limit camera access to only the hours the school is open.
  • Limit camera access to only the hours a child is in the school’s care
  • Limit camera access to just the assigned rooms for that child
  • Provide access to just live streams or live and recorded video
  • Centralized parent credential management
  • Allow for unlimited unique parent user account creation
  • Multi-Site Daycare Management from a single portal
  • Allow multiple family members to stream video at the same time
  • Allow for unlimited numbers of user to stream video at the same time
  • Provide secure logins and end-to-end encrypted data.
  • All access to video is via a T4 data center (same level banks use) and features end-to-end data encryption and 3x data redundancy.

Bottom line benefits to your childcare facility

  • Up-Front Revenue Earn revenue on your installation of cameras and installation services
  • Revenue Each Month Build Recurring monthly revenue on cloud subscriptions
  • Quicker Installations Eliminates the need for extra wiring, recording devices and bridges to configure
  • More Secure Adhere to state or federal requirements for off-premise video storage, retention and access
  • Fewer Service Calls No recorders or hard drives to fix along with continuous firmware, security, and software updates via the cloud