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ClarkTel Can Help You Differentiate Your Daycare From Others
While Increasing Your Monthly Revenue


  • What Does a Business Telecommunication Provider Do?
    Telecommunication companies provide telephone, internet, and security solutions, such as: Telephone and VoIP systems such as SBS Hosted PBCX Network hardware and data cabling High speed, enterprise-grade internet bandwidth Network security and firewalls Wireless networking Security systems, such as cameras, alarm systems, door access control, facial recognition, etc.
  • What is a Hosted Telephone Solution?
    Hosted telephone systems use VoIP and cloud technology in place of physical, hardware-based telephone systems. A hosted solution allows a business to reduce costs by eliminating the need to install and maintain a traditional telephone system. Instead, they can simply use their internet connection and VoIP phones on a Hosted PBX solution.
  • What is a PBX?
    A private branch exchange (PBX) is a telephone system that allows many phone lines within a business to share an external number, such as a toll-free number. Traditionally, a PBX was a physical piece of hardware on the premises, but in recent years, virtual IP PBX solutions have become more popular since they reduce setup and maintenance costs.
  • What is SBS?
    Small Business Solutions (SBS) are telecom system designed for businesses between 5 to 499 users. Our most popular SBS is Hosted PBX, which uses VoIP to eliminate the cost and complexities of hardware-based alternatives.
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