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NEC Univerge Blue Meet


Webinar: Remote Collaboration & Communication from Anywhere

Webinar: Remote Collaboration & Communication from Anywhere

Join Clarktel for a short webinar on Wednesday, April 20th and learn just how simple it is to use NEC Univerge Blue Connect licenses to accommodate your remote or hybrid workers that need to stay connected to fellow coworkers and clients no matter where they are. Find out how super-easy it is to enable your employees with communications flexibility..

We Invite You to Attend Our Webinar: "Working and Communicating Efficiently from Anywhere"

  • April 20, 2022 at 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM CT

  • Cloud communications expert leads the discussion

  • Cloud-based solutions are especially critical now

  • Learn how simple and inexpensive the cloud can be

  • Improve your operational efficiency

Find Out More in Three Easy Steps

  1. Register for our 30 Minute Cloud Webinar!

  2. Download NEC Connect PDFs!

  3. Keep Reading for Free Companion Hardware!


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BLUE Connect Brochure - PDF

Blue Brochure Link Image.JPG

Free Hardware with BLUE Connect - PDF

Blue Brochure Link Image.JPG

Who Gives Away Free Hardware These Days?

Who Gives Away Free Hardware These Days?
Blue Brochure Link Image.JPG

Answer: NEC does. Wait a minute, isn't Clarktel always talking about cloud solutions and platforms? Yes, Clarktel is a cloud solutions expert across many technologies (not just telecom). It's our business and we're good at it.

But, every worker's preferences are different. Some people like doing as much as they can on their smart phones. Others prefer a laptop or tablet. But there are still people who want the same telephone hardware experience that they've gotten used to at the office. In other words, some people want the familiarity of a business desk phone at home. Clarktel and NEC can eliminate the extra cost for employees that want a business phone in their home office too.

How to get a free business phone with each BLUE Connect license:

-Buy your BLUE Connect licenses (Essentials, Pro, Pro Plus, or With Teams)

-Redeem your included promotional tokens within 30 days of license purchase

-Choose any of the following NEC, Poly, or Yealink business phone models:

NEC ITK-6DGS phone

NEC ITK-32LCGS phone

Poly VVX250 Business Phone

Yealink T53W Business Phone

Yealink T54W Business Phone


-Redeem your promotional tokens for a $85.00 credit to apply to another select phone not offered above for free.*

*Additional terms and conditions apply. Contact your account manager for details.

Want Free Hardware With Your BLUE Connect Licenses?

Call Your Account Manager: (800) 362-9189


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